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The days leading up to getting a tattoo

Don’t get sunburn

Ensure there are no significant markings on the skin (cuts, burns)

Don’t drink alcohol the night before

Stay hydrated

Get plenty of rest

Double check your appointment time and make sure you have the correct amount of cash (don’t forget about the aftercare creams)

Get a doctors note (in case of any medical conditions)
The day of getting your tattoo

Make sure you have ID

Don’t go if you’re ill

Pack a small bag of essentials (snacks, drinks, headphones)

Eat beforehand and take a sugary snack

Shower/bath beforehand

Wear something comfortable, something you don’t mind getting ruined

Don’t shave the area of skin that is about to be tattooed

Make sure you are on time (please contact us if you will be late)

Get in the correct state of mind (good mind set, don’t stress too much)
During your tattooing session

Get comfy

Communicate with your artist

Let your artist work in peace

Don’t be afraid to ask for a break

Listen to instructions

Try to stay still
After the tattooing session has finished

Listen to the aftercare advice given

Remove the wrap when instructed

Ask about aftercare products

Ask your artist about their tattoo touch-up policy

Treat your body like a temple

Don’t get drunk

Don’t worry too much

Get help if you need it

Wash your tattoo often

Keep your tattoo out of the sun

Don’t go swimming / soak your fresh tattoo

Enjoy your new / first tattoo!


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We can’t wait to see you at our studio!
Justyna & Damian

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